General Description

A small lizard with a long slender tail and well developed limbs (all with five digits). Body has a distinct black stripe along the back and prominent black and white or yellowish stripes along the sides. White stripe along the side of body extends from upper lip, over the ear to the tail. Limbs reddish or copper colour, striped with black. Scales at the front of the ear hole are shaped like a comb. Snout to base of tail length up to 8 cm.


Fast-moving diurnal (ie. active during the day) lizard. This species actively forages for small invertebrates, fleeing into shelter when alarmed. They shelter in burrows under rock slabs on sandy soil. The females lay eggs.


Eastern Australia.


Woodlands and heaths of coastal areas and ranges of eastern Australia, particularly on rocky outcrops in these habitats.

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