General Description

Lightly built albatross with a distinctive yellow and black bill- yellow on the top and bottom and black on the sides. Head light grey, prominent white or silvery-white forcap and a dark area in front of the eyes. Underparts very pale grey/ white. Back, wings and tail dark grey, under wings white with a wide black margin on the leading edge of the wing and narrow black margin on trailing edge. Males are slightly larger than females. Wingspan is up to 213 cm.


Buller's albatross nest on the ground along coastal terraces in small colonies. They either construct a mud nest, lay on the bare ground or in grass tussocks. A single egg is produced each breeding season. Incubation and feeding of the chick is shared by both male and females. Buller's albatross are largely monogamous and return to the same breeding location and partner each year. They eat squid, supplemented by fish, krill and tunicates.


Subtropical and subantarctic waters of the southern Pacific Ocean.


Marine pelagic.

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