General Description

A small dove. Head, back and wings bluish-grey, heavily barred with black on neck, back and wings. Chest and belly off-white. Distinct blue-grey eye ring. Juveniles similar to adults, but with less distinct barring, and some buff or white on the upper body. To 22 cm.


Typically in pairs or small flocks. Resident or dispersing in response to rainfall. Forages on the ground, taking mostly seeds, and some invertebrates. At night, roosts in trees or shrubs. Across its range, breeds at any time of year. Pairs bond for at least one season. The nest is a small platform of twigs or similar material, usually built in a shrub or low in a tree. Females lay 1-3 (usually 2) white eggs. Both parents build the nest, incubate and tend the young.


Across Australia.


Forests and grasslands, especially open woodland, never far from water.

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