General Description

A medium-sized bird with a black face and bold white eyebrow. It has a grey neck and breast with a white patch on either side of the throat. The underparts are grey-brown with bold black streaks. The back and sides are streaked white and the tail is tipped with white.


This species is a shy ground-feeder and occurs in pairs or small family parties. The bird's mottled plumage aids in camouflage and when threatened it tends to hide or freeze rather than flee. The Spotted Quail-thrush builds a cup-shaped nest in the ground lined with leaves and grass, near a rock, tree stump or grass tussock, where it incubates 2-3 eggs. The Mount Lofty sibspecies is considered threatened.


South-eastern Australia.


Dry sclerophyll forest, leaf and branch-littered rocky ridges.

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