General Description

Very small bandicoot with long slender legs that uniquely walks on two toes on its front legs and one toe on its hind legs. Fur can be either silvery grey/brown or golden above, light fawn below. Like other bandicoots they have a long head with long ears. Long tail with a crest of hair along the top. Body up to 26 cm long, tail about 15 cm.


The Yirratji is the smallest known grazing mammal that ever lived, weighing less than 600 grams. Rather than hop, these bandicoots ran fast on their long slender legs. They were probably mostly active at twilight, and lived in a grass-lined nest during the day. Once occurring across central Australia, populations collapsed following European settlement and they have been presumed extinct since the 1950's. This species was only recognised by scientists recently as it is very similar to the Landwang.


Central Australian deserts (Western Australia, Northern Territory and South Australia).


Sandplains and dunes with spinifex and tussock grass

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