General Description

A medium size bird with a stocky build. Back, wings and rump are emerald green with a lighter green breast. Prominent white spotting on the breast and back, with strong white wing bars. The bill is stout and horn coloured with stocky, grey brown legs. Males weigh up to 289 g, head-body length up to 31 cm.


Green Catbirds are monogamous - once mated a male and female remain together for life. Pair bonds are maintained by males feeding females while the female incubates the eggs. Birds are resident, remaining in the same area throughout their lives.


Australia, Coastal east from southeast Queensland (Dawes Range area) south to southeast New South Wales (due east of ACT)


Subtropical rainforest, eucalypt forest and woodlands, gardens, and orchards. Waterways when nesting. Sea level to 1000 m.

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