General Description

Body brown-yellow with dark brown mottled pattern. Tip of tail and sting dark brown, with a spike at the base of the sting. Up to 30 mm (head to tail tip).


The Little Marbled Scorpion is a relatively small species and as its common name implies, has a dark brown marbling pattern on a light brown background. This marbling occurs over the body, legs and tail. Like all scorpions, they fluoresce under UV light. It is widespread in southern Australia, and is one of the three known species of scorpions found in the greater Melbourne region. It is usually found living under stones or amongst plant litter on the ground. However it is occasionally found sheltering under bark of standing trees. Unlike most scorpions, they may form groups of 10 or more animals. Little is known about the biology of this species.


Southern mainland Australia.


Under stones, in ground leaf litter, under bark, urban areas.

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