General Description

A large egret. White, with a yellow bill. When breeding, it develops long breast plumes, a red bill and a green lores area between the eye and bill). When non-breeding, it can be distinguished from the larger Great Egret by its shorter, thicker, less-kinked neck and its shorter, thicker bill. The Little Egret also has a black bill.


Feeds on insects and other small creatures. Roosts in trees near water, often in groups. Breeds colonially in trees above water, including mangroves. The nest is a platform of loosely interwoven twigs. Lays 2-6 green or greenish white eggs (usually 3). Young can fly at 6-7 weeks, and leave the nest at around 10-11 weeks. Parents continue to supplement their offspring's diets for another 3 weeks.


Across Australia.


Freshwater wetlands, occasionally coastal areas.

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