General Description

Body deep and compressed (narrow from side to side) with a relatively long snout, a protruding lower jaw, a concave forehead and a long-based notched dorsal fin. Dark greyish to greenish-brown above becoming silvery-grey on the sides and whitish below with dusky fins and a white margin on the anal and pelvic fins. Resembles the Australian Bass, Macquaria ambigua, but has a concave rather than straight forehead and a more protruding lower jaw.


The Estuary Perch is a very popular angling fish usually found swimming near the bottom in estuaries and in the brackish parts of coastal rivers and streams in south-eastern Australia. Spawning occurs in the mouths of estuaries, rivers and streams during winter and spring. This species is often confused with the Australian Bass, which is usually found further upstream in freshwaters.


Eastern and southern Australia.


Upper parts of estuaries, coastal lakes and in the lower tidal reaches of rivers and streams at depths of 1-15 m.

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