General Description

Dark brown to black above with lighter brown flecks. May have a pale stripe along the back. Distinct yellow-gold stripe on the side. The underside is light to mid grey. Ear openings small but conspicuous. Snout to base of tail length up to 6.5 cm. The tail is longer than the body.


This species is tree-dwelling or rock-dwelling. They are found on standing or fallen dead trees or cracks and crevices of rock outcrops. Females give birth to one to two live young at a time. The species is diurnal (ie. active during the day) and is found basking, even when the air temperature is very low.


Highlands of south-eastern mainland Australia, with outlying populations in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, and Gisborne and the Otway Ranges in Victoria.


Restricted to dead trees or rocky outcrops in montane, wet sclerophyll forest and rocky outcrops in subalpine woodlands.

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