General Description

Medium-sized, stocky raven, bill slightly hooked at tip. Completely glossy black with a blue-green to blue-purple sheen of varying intensity. Eyes white. Strong legs, long toes and hooked claws. Length 49 cm; wingspan 95 cm. Most common call is a series of short, clipped ark-ark-ark-ark notes, lasting around four seconds. They don't trail off in a wailing sound as much as the Australian Raven (Corvus coronoides).


Attracted to agricultural or grazing lands, or places of abundant food, such as rubbish tips and bins. Also attracted to roadkill, which puts them at risk of becoming roadkill themselves. Australian Corvus species can be difficult to tell apart, the most reliable difference being their call.


South-eastern Australia.


Varied, includes cleared land, grassland, pasture and adjacent forest, usually nesting in open woodland, but out of breeding season foraging in treeless or sparse habitats.

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