General Description

Olive-green rotund finch, with a large head and a large conical bill. Upper side of tail black, with outer edges boldly yellow near the base. Tail forked. Multicoloured wing of yellow, black and grey. Female similar to adult male, but slightly duller. 16 cm long, with a wingspan of 25 cm.


These birds roost communally, and forage on the ground for seeds, fruit, buds and sometimes insects. In the past this introduced bird that was native to Europe has been considered highly destructive to ripening crops and an orchard pest, which meant that it was extensively killed by orchardists in New Zealand. More recent studies have downgraded its perception as a pest, and it is presently considered to have only a minor impact on crops.


South-eastern Australia.


Modified habitats, such as parks, farmland, orchards and pine plantations. Also coastal habitats.

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