General Description

Large brown warbler; feathers across upper parts and upper wing are dark brown with light brown or buff fringes, giving a scalloped look. Adult males in breeding plumage have brown-grey head with blackish area between eyes and bill, dark brown underparts. Non-breeding males: pale around the head, with mottled throat; underparts brownish-grey with variable dark brown mottling. Females: significantly smaller than males, streaking on head, pale eyebrow and pale underparts with variable brown mottling. Length (male) 23 cm; wingspan to 33 cm.


Male Brown Songlargs are most often seen during the breeding season, when they will perch on posts, overhead wires or other prominent places with tail cocked and head high, singing a loud, distinctive song.


Across Australia.


Open, sparsely-wooded or treeless grass or shrublands.

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