General Description

Tiny warbler with golden or buff head, heavily streaked with darker markings. Pale brown or golden collar around the back of the neck, brown with dark streaking all over back and upper wings. Black eye and pale brown, fine, slightly downward-curved bill. During breeding periods, the heads of the males are pale orange, with a short, ragged erect crest. Length (breeding) 9.5 cm, (non-breeding) 11 cm, wingspan 15 cm.


These very active birds are seldom still, cocking their tail when singing or when alarmed, and often flicking their wings and tail when perched. They forage for insects by hopping or creeping on the ground.


Through Asia, from north-eastern India, through south-east Asia. Eastern, South-eastern and Northern Australia.


Dense grasslands, often near water. Also irrigated pastures and crops.

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