General Description

Head and upper body grey-brown, Eyebrow throat and chin pale. Cheeks and upperparts are streaked black. Underparts paler grey with black streaks. Bill to tail length to 14 cm. Appears to run over mud and floating vegetation. Call a mournful, three-note "tu-peeeee-peeeee".


The Little Grassbird forages for insects and other small invertebrates underneath the protection of dense vegetation. If startled, they venture to the top of vegetation to view the threat and then quickly drop back out of view. In inland areas, they inhabit temporary wetlands formed from local rainfalls. Nests of Little Grassbirds are located within thick, reedy vegetation and are deep cups made from grasses and reeds, lined with feathers. The usual clutch size is three to five eggs. They are more commonly heard than seen.


New Guinea. Eastern, south-western and central Australia, Tasmania.


Wetlands, swamps, mangroves and marshes.

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