General Description

Large and slender crow-like bird. Adults dark grey or sooty black; patch of white under base of tail; tip of tail white; and conspicuous yellow eyes. Juveniles are more brown-grey with pale streaks over their head and body. 52 cm long; wingspan 78 cm.


Grey Currawong are usually seen singly or in small groups. When standing on the ground, it stands proudly, very erect, with head and bill held high. It eats insects, small lizards and rodents and other small birds, as well as fruit. It forages opportunistically in groups, mainly on the ground, trunks or branches, but also in trees and shrubs. Can be confused with other currawongs but only Grey Currawongs are found in most of South Australia apart from the far south-east corner, where its distribution overlaps with the Pied Currawong. Two subspecies of the Grey Currawong are found in the lower south-east of South Australia and Kangaroo Island. They are darker and sooty black, while those found in the western parts of the state have white patches on their wings.


Southern Australia.


Wide range of habitats, including eucalypt woodlands, mallee, shrublands, farmland and orchards.

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