General Description

The top of head and wings are black and covered with small white spots. Their tail is black with a white tip, while the underneath of the tail and back (rump) is red. Males have a yellow throat patch and yellow underneath the tail. Bill to tail length is up to 10 cm and they weigh only 8 grams. Call a distinctive "Miss Piggy, Miss Piggy".


Spotted Pardalotes are one of the smallest birds in Australia. They are commonly found foraging in eucalypt canopies where they feed on small leaf-dwelling insects such as lerps or scale insects. Due to their small size and the amount of time they spend high up in the canopy, Spotted Pardalotes are more often heard than seen. They have a repetitive high-pitch call consisting of a double or triple "pee-pee". For nesting, Spotted Pardalotes dig a long circular tunnel in a sandbank or creek bank. They excavate a large nest chamber at the end of the tunnel amd line it with bark and other soft material. Both females and males build the nest, incubate the eggs and feed the chicks.


Southern and eastern mainland Australia and Tasmania.


Found in eucalypt forests and woodlands as well as urban gardens and parks.

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