General Description

Silvereyes have a grey upper body and grey-white underparts. Head and wings are olive-green. Sides of body are pale brown or red-brown (chestnut). Tail pale yellow underneath. Distinctive white ring around the eye. Body length of up to 12 cm and they weigh only 11 grams.


One of the smallest birds in Australia. Silvereyes breed in spring and summer. During the breeding season they are found in pairs and will actively defend their territory. At other times they form large flocks. Parents can raise up to three clutches during the breeding season, with birds being able to breed from nine months of age. In winter, local populations migrate north, being replaced by birds arriving from the south. Silvereyes feed on insects, fruit and nectar and will commonly eat from feed tables.


Pacific Islands. Southern and eastern mainland Australia and Tasmania.


Coastal heath, shrublands, forests, farms, and urban areas.

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