General Description

Males: iridescent bottle-green head and neck, brown upper parts, chestnut underparts with a conspicuous white patch under the tail. Females: mottled brown all over. Both sexes have a red iris and an iridescent green patch (speculum) in the wing. Bill to tail length up to 50 cm.


Chestnut Teal feed on seeds, vegetation, molluscs and crustaceans. Like other ducks, they have comb-like structures (lamellae) along the inside edge of their bill. These work like a strainer, trapping food particles for the duck to swallow. Chestnut Teal mostly nest in tree hollows, with some nests in vegetation on the ground. They will also use nest boxes. They are one of the few species of Australian duck that tolerates high-salinity waters.


South-eastern and south-western coasts of mainland Australia


Freshwater and saltwater wetlands.

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