General Description

Cryptic crab often camouflaged with seaweed, sponge or bryozoans. Carapace pear-shaped, rostral spines stout, straight, divergent. Thin chelipeds (the legs with claws) remain clear of camouflage. Walking legs with second last segment slightly expanded on the lower distal margin. Yellow-brown. Carapace up to 7 cm long.


A common seaweed crab among subtidal algal beds of sheltered shores. These crabs have small hooked hairs on their carapace to which they attach bits of seaweed, sponge or bryozoan. Underneath the camouflage the crab is yellow-brown and males have stronger claws than females. They feed on other invertebrates.


Southern temperate oceans including southern Australia.


Low intertidal, to 108 m depth.

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