General Description

Body slender, elongate, tail base deep; eye large, snout pointed, mouth large, lower jaw protruding beyond upper; two widely separated dorsal fins, the first low, short-based, the second longer based, higher, positioned above long-based anal fin. Golden-brown to greenish-brown above, silvery below. Usually 50 cm long head to tail tip (up to 90 cm).


The Longfin Pike is common along the southern coast, where it occurs in habitats ranging from seagrass beds and rocky areas in estuaries, to deeper offshore reefs. Divers often see this species in small to very large schools around jetties and piers. This predatory species feeds on smaller fishes and squid.


Southern Australia.


Shallow coastal waters and bays near reefs and seagrass beds, to depth of 64 m.

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