General Description

Body long, slender, highly compressed (narrow from side to side) and covered in close-set spines. Has two widely separated dorsal fins, the first is a stout four-edged spine with barbed edges. The pelvic fin is minute. Males are pale greenish with black-edged blue bridle-like stripes on the head, and distinctive black bands near the rear of the tail. Females and juveniles are mottled brown, often with black spots. Body up to 14 cm (usually around 8 cm).


Male Bridled Leatherjackets are easily recognised, while the females and juveniles may be difficult to identify. Bridled Leatherjackets are usually found in small groups or schools. Small juveniles often shelter amongst floating seaweed and seagrass leaves.


Southern Australia.


Amongst seagrass in shallow bays and estuaries.

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