General Description

A large powerful shark with a very high first dorsal fin, a crescent-shaped tail, large triangular serrated teeth, and very small anal and second dorsal fins. Bluish-grey to greyish-brown above, abruptly changing to a white underside. May reach 6.4 m in length and a weight of 3000 kg.


This extremely dangerous and voracious apex predator is responsible for many fatal attacks on humans. Adults usually feed on seals, penguins, fishes and seabirds. White Sharks are warm-blooded. They have a special heat-exchange circulatory system and can maintain body temperatures up to 14C higher than the surrounding seawater. White Sharks are protected in all Australian waters, including territorial waters, and in many other parts of the world.


Southern Australia.


Open water, including near seal colonies and other food sources.

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