General Description

Body brown to green with a series of large, regular-shaped dark brown to dark olive-green patches. Most individuals also have a yellow, orange or red stripe down the middle of their back. Dark stripe from snout through eye to the top of the front leg. White belly and smooth skin. Toes unwebbed. Body length up to 4.5 cm. There are three different call races of the Spotted Marsh Frog09/11/2016 the southern call race's call is a short "click" that sounds similar to two small stones being struck together.


Females lay their eggs in floating foam masses. The tadpoles can take up to five months to change into frogs. Peak breeding occurs from spring to autumn, particularly after rain. Males float while calling, often covered by vegetation.


Widely distributed across all of eastern Australia, including Tasmania, Victoria, eastern South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.


Most areas, preferring swamps, ponds or lagoons.

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