General Description

Body varies from beige to brown, some individuals have a reddish, yellow or green wash. Back with broad dark band along the middle from between the eyes to the base of the body. Thighs orange and eyes are golden. Belly white or cream. Fingers are unwebbed, toes partly webbed. Pads present but only slightly wider than fingers and toes. Body size up to 4.5 cm. Call a fast, high pitched "creeee creee creeee creeee".


Southern Brown Tree Frogs are excellent climbers and are very agile. They are often found in large numbers around water bodies. Frogs call year round, often after rain, from the ground, in low vegetation or floating in the water.


Occurs along the south-east coast, from southern New South Wales, through Victoria to the south-east region of South Australia. Also found in Tasmania.


On the ground or damp vegetation near the ground, in urban areas and around streams, lakes and ponds.

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