General Description

Body bright green with golden-coloured patches on the back, and a pale stripe along the middle of the back. Back covered in warty lumps. Groin and legs turquoise blue. Belly cream coloured and granular. Fingers unwebbed, toes webbed. Pads present, but only slightly wider than fingers and toes. Up to 8.5 cm long. Call a slow and deep, made up of 4-6 parts; "craw, craw, crok, crok".


Growling Grass Frogs are a semi-aquatic species found in close proximity to slow flowing creeks and water bodies. They eat mostly small invertebrates but also small vertebrates including those of its own species (they are cannibalistic). Individuals are active during the day and night. Males often call from the water amongst floating vegetation. Sadly, this species has suffered severe population declines over the last 50 years.


South-eastern Australia, from south-eastern South Australia through to the southern highlands of New South Wales. Also Tasmania.


Near still waterbodies in woodland, shrubland and flooded plain areas.

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