General Description

Body varies in colour from beige to brown with broad dark band along the middle of back from between the eyes to the base of the body. Thighs reddish-orange, groin yellow with black spots. Eyes golden. Belly white or cream. Fingers are unwebbed, toes partly webbed. Pads are present but only slightly wider than the fingers and toes. Eardrum (tympanum) hidden. Alpine subspecies often green in colour. Body size up to 5 cm. Call a fast "reeet reeet reeet", higher pitched in Litoria verreauxii verreauxii.


Verreaux's Frogs can be heard calling in the winter months. They call from the ground, in low vegetation or while floating in the water. There are two sub-species of Whistling tree Frog, Litoria verreauxii verreauxii which is wide spread and Litoria verreauxii alpina which has a restricted alpine range and is considered critically endangered.


Occurs along the south-east coast from southern Queensland through to Victoria.


Variety of habitats, including urban areas and around streams, lakes, ponds and farm dams.

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