General Description

Body flattened and often with orange specks on the tail. Toes and fingers with large pads. Up to 7 cm long (snout-vent).


Marbled Geckos are an arboreal species and hides under the bark of trees, fallen timber or logs during the day. At night they are often seen around external lights where they hunt insects attracted to the light. Marbled Geckos mate in late summer to early autumn. The females retain sperm over winter until fertilisation, which occurs in the late spring to early summer. They produce one clutch annually, containing two eggs. Marbled Geckos are common in Melbourne, but may have moved here after white settlement due to the transport of granite rocks from its natural habitats.


Southern mainland Australia and Tasmania. Widely distributed throughout western and northern Victoria.


Woodpiles, fallen timber or logs, in trees and urban areas.

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