General Description

Very large lizard with powerful legs and a long slender tail that is flattened from side to side (laterally flattened). Colour dark grey to black with scattered light spots and narrow yellow and black bands across body. Snout distinctly marked with black and yellow bands that extend under the chin. Bands on tail are narrow near the legs but become broad towards the tip of the tail. Total length from snout to tip of tail up to 2.1 m.


Tree Goannas, also known as Lace Monitors, are active lizards that forage over large areas. Their diet is varied, including insects, reptiles, small mammals, birds, eggs and carrion. They are a semi-arboreal species, mainly moving about in trees and sheltering in tree hollows. They do sometimes also forage on the ground, fleeing up trees when alarmed. Females lay up to 12 eggs, often in termite nests, where the constant temperature assists with incubation.


Eastern mainland Australia.


Dry sclerophyll forests and woodlands.

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