General Description

Body fur colour varies, but usually red or sandy. Difficult to distinguish from some breeds of domestic dog. Body up to 74 cm; tail up to 45 cm.


Dingos are a form of domesticated dog that were introduced to Australia multiple times over the past ~4,000 years, probably by Asian seafarers. Like all dogs they are descended from the Grey Wolf, Canis lupus. Dogs, including Dingoes, are not distinct species from the Grey Wolf, but like other domesticated animals are sometimes referred to by a name for the domesticated form; i.e. Canis familiaris. The population of Dingoes is controlled by over 9,000 km of fencing across three mainland states of Australia. Although introduced, Dingoes have become part of the Australian landscape and may limit the impacts of introduced foxes and cats in some parts of Australia.


Mainland Australia but excluded from large areas of the southeast and southwest.


Most areas apart from urban places.

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