General Description

The front of the body (thorax) is short, wide and oval-shaped; the rear of the body (abdomen) is long and narrow. The eyes touch in the middle of the head. Body up to 10 cm long.


The Odonata is an order of insects made up of two suborders, Dragonflies (Epiprocta) and Damselflies (Zygoptera). The two groups look similar, but dragonflies are generally more sturdily built and, when at rest, dragonflies hold their wings outstretched from their body (although a few damselfly species do this too). Dragonflies are active predators and are usually seen near water bodies in which their nymphs live. Males and females mate while flying, forming a distinctive "wheel" shape. Females lay their eggs in or near water.


Worldwide. South-eastern mainland Australia and Tasmania.


Flying or on vegetation near streams and rivers.

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