General Description

Body is long and thin with transparent wings. Eyes are separated. Body can be a variety of colours and patterns depending on species. Body up to 5 cm long.


The Odonata is an order of insects made up of two suborders, Damselflies (Zygoptera) and Dragonflies (Epiprocta). These two groups are similar in appearance, but Damselflies are less sturdily built than Dragonflies. Damselflies are active predators, hunting other insects, and hold territories near freshwater bodies. When at rest most damselflies hold their wings parallel to and above their abdomens, but some species in the family Lestidae hold their wings partly opened in a manner similar to dragonflies. Like dragonflies, damselflies mate while flying in a distinctive "wheel" shape. The male usually remains attached to the female while she lays her eggs.


Worldwide. Mainland Australia and Tasmania.


Flying or on vegetation, including near still water of ponds and lakes.

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