General Description

Shell with 20-26 ridges that radiate from the hinge to the edge. Colour variable, including orange, pink and purple. Numerous blue eyes in a line around the edge of the opening. Shell up to 11 cm long.


Doughboy Scallops often have sponges growing on top of their shell. Why the sponges grow there is not known, but they may help to hide the scallops in the reef or stop predators smelling the scallop. Doughboy Scallops, like all species in this family, release their spawn into the water column for fertilisation to occur externally. This produces planktonic larvae, which feed in the water column before metamorphosing. The eyes around the edge of their mantle are more complex than most bivalves' and allow the scallop to detect not just light and dark but also motion.


Southern Australia.


Crevices in reef and sand areas.

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