General Description

Body pale brown to grey with black spots in lines from head to tail. Head area (mantle) spotted or marbled. Body up to 20 cm long.


Leopard Slugs are the invertebrate giants of the garden; they are the largest terrestrial slug in Australia. They eat mostly at night, mainly feeding on detritus, preferring decaying vegetable matter to living plant material, though they will eat other slugs and dead animal matter. They secrete a thin, colourless mucus. As all other slugs, Leopard Slugs are hermaphrodites. They cross-fertilise with other individuals. Leopard Slugs "home", establishing a home base for itself, usually in a damp crevice, to which it returns after feeding each night.


Europe, North America, South America. Southern and eastern mainland Australia and Tasmania.


Damp areas with introduced plants, such as suburban gardens.

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