General Description

Arms typically 6, arm rays merge with disc, hexagonal. Colour uniform dark purplish crimson or reddish-brown or indigo blue, paler on the oral surface. Tube feet orange. Centre to arm tip up to 7 cm.


This species was separated from another in 2003 when DNA work revealed that there were genetically divergent western and eastern forms of what had previously been called Patiriella gunni in southern Australia. They look very similar but this one is generally larger and has orange tube feet. The related species in what used to be called Patriella have very different reproductive strategies. The Six-armed Cushion Star are broadcast-spawners, releasing their spawn into the water column from late summer to early autumn. The fertilised eggs exhibit direct development, meaning there is no larval stage and the eggs hatch out miniature juvenile seastars.


Southern Australian coasts.


Under-surface of rocks, in the lower intertidal zone, to depth of 36 m.

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