General Description

A solidly built snake with a large head that is not distinct from the body. Tiger Snakes are variable in colour, ranging from light grey to blackish brown. They usually have a series of yellow-edged crossbands (giving them the name 'tiger'), but may lack bands completely. The belly is cream, yellow or grey with darker grey under the throat. Average of 1.2 m total length.


Tiger Snakes are active during the day (diurnal) and in the twilight (crepuscular) and may also be active at night (nocturnal) in warm weather. Females give birth to live young, averaging about 30 young at one time.


South-eastern mainland Australia, from south-eastern Queensland, through New South Wales and Victoria to south-eastern South Australia, and Tasmania.


Found in broad range of habitats from rainforest to dry open sclerophyll and river floodplains.

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