The Marbled Polecat is also known as the European Marbled Polecat despite its range being largely outside Europe. It occurs in open desert and semi-desert environments from south-east Europe through Asia Minor, the Middle East and Egypt and into the Russian Federation, China and Mongolia.

This specimen was collected from Siberia.

Populations of Marbled Polecats have decreased by over 30% since 2008, largely due to the destruction of their habitat for cultivation. Their prey, such as rodents, birds and lizards, are often considered agricultural pests and are also targeted for eradication, contributing to their decline in numbers. In some parts of their range, particularly in China, desertification due to climate change is destroying their habitat and threatening populations. These threats to habitat and populations are likely to continue into the future. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) therefore considers Marbled Polecats to be Vulnerable.

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