Black Rhinoceros are one of one of five living species of rhinoceros found in Africa and Southern Asia. This juvenile specimen was bought in 1878 for eight pounds from E Gerrard Jnr of Edward Gerrard & Sons, a father and son taxidermy business based in Camden Town, London. It originally came from South Africa.

Poaching has caused populations of Black Rhinocneros to plummet from the 1960s to a low of 2,410 individuals in 1995, an estimated loss of nearly 98%. Numbers have increased in counties with conservation programmes but they remain Critically Endangered. One subspecies, the Western Black Rhinoceros, was declared extinct in 2011.

Poaching for their horns for the Chinese traditional medicine market remains the major threat to Black Rhinoceros. Since 1977 all international trade in Black Rhinos and their products has been illegal. This specimen does not have horns.

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