This specimen was prepared by Museums Victoria Preparators in 1998. All the flesh was removed from the crab using hand made tools and pressured water. Steel rods were run through each limb and secured to a wooden piece in the centre of the specimen, and then filled with silicone. The Carapace was then put back on the crab and the legs and claws manipulated into a good pose. The specimen was then very carefully pinned into position to prevent movement during the drying period. Lastly the specimen was painted using Automotive Acrylics and Artists Oils.

Spanner Crabs are found in tropical and sub-tropical Australian waters, and throughout the Indo-West Pacific. During the day they lie buried in the sand with only eyes and mouthparts exposed. This species is fished commercially. They live for 10 years or more and grows to 12.5 cm across.

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