This bird specimen was collected during William Blandowski's expedition to the junction of the Murray and Darling Rivers (December 1856 - December 1857). It is from a group of specimens collected in the Gunbower area from 1-15 January 1857, and it still carries an original numbered tag '183'. This number may have been duplicated in the register as it applies to this specimen of Noisy Friarbird but was also used for a specimen of 'pademelon' or 'kangaroo' (Bridled Nailtail Wallaby).

Whilst expedition artist Gerard Krefft did not illustrate this species during the expedition back in Germany in 1861, Blandowski's artist Gustav Mutzel completed a painting of the species (see B VIII/133) as Figure 309 in Plate 44 of the Meliphagidae (honeyeaters) Cuculidae (cuckoos) and Climacteridae (treecreepers) for his Birds of Australia series.

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    New South Wales

  • Precise Location

    Murray and Darling Rivers junction

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