Stellerite is a rare mineral. It is usually found as clusters of platy crystals. Its colour ranges from colourless or white through to pink, yellow and brown. There are no current commercial uses for stellerite but its rarity means it is highly valued by collectors.

Though rare, stellerite is known from a number of sites around the world. This specimen comes from Tambar Springs in New South Wales, which has produced large peach-coloured stellerite crystals.
Stellerite is named after the German explorer and zoologist, Georg Wilhelm Steller (1709-1746). Steller discovered the mineral on the Komandorski Islands, which he also discovered, in the Bering Sea of Russia.

Stellerite is a member of the zeolite group, consisting of a large number of alumosilicate minerals. It forms in cavities of volcanic rocks that have been altered by hydrothermal fluids.

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