In 1963 the Australian Government decided to move to a decimal currency, replacing the British-inspired system of pounds and pence, A number of artists were invited to submit drawings for the set of new coins, among them the sculptor and medal artist, Andor Mészáros, whose designs featured Australian flora and fauna. It was Stuart Devlin, however, who won the competition and the new currency was issued on 14 February 1966.

John Gartner, noted numismatist and founder of the Australian Coin Review, was disappointed that the new currency did not include a dollar coin. In order to resolve the 'deficiency', he sponsored a design competition in the magazine for an 'unofficial crown' of Australia. This time Andor's designs won and in 1967 the magazine issued unofficial souvenir proof and standard coins. In 2009, the Perth Mint issued a tribute set of coins featuring Andor's designs for the low-denomination pieces, based on original plasters supplied by the Meszaros family.

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