Born in Melbourne in 1922, Ron Blaskett was always interested in a performing career on the stage.

He saw his first ventriloquist performance at age 7, and was given his first doll by his grandmother when he was 13. Using books as his guide, he soon perfected the art, and was performing for his friends and family. During World War 2, he served overseas, and often entertained his colleagues with a performance.

When he returned to Australia, he soon had a successful stage act, which toured throughout Australia, including on the famed Tivoli circuit through the capital cities. When television was introduced to Australia in the mid 1950s, Blaskett was one of a number of stage acts who were recruited for the new medium, to appear in various variety programs, by local station GTV Channel 9.

For his new role, Blaskett had a new doll made in Chicago by famed manufacturer Frank Marshall (who also made Edgar Bergen's famous doll Charlie McCarthy.) The doll was named Gerry Gee in honour of his new employer. The duo soon become a hit, appearing on both adult programs, such as IMT (In Melbourne Tonight) and children's programs, such as The Happy Show (later The Tarax Show.)

After The Tarax Show was axed in the mid 1950s, Blaskett spent several years in Perth working in local television, as well as touring Vietnam several time, to entertain the troops fighting the war. He later devised a more adult live show, which performed at many clubs and functions around the country.

Blaskett finally retired in the mid 1990s, and then sold Gerry Gee at auction in 1998, for $17,500.

At the age of 96, Ron Blaskett, the legendary performer and television pioneer, passed away on 14 April 2018.

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