Overview of Sunshine Harvester Works' beauty pageants.

The search for 'Miss Sunshine' was a feature of the Sunshine Harvester Works' annual picnic. The first company beauty pageant was featured during the 1949 picnic held at Frankston Park. A total of 1,500 employees and their families attended the picnic.

The pageant was staged on the beach, drawing a large crowd. The judges included Mrs S.S McKay, V.R McKay and W.H Thompson. Nine women entered the competition, with Joan Evans emerging as the winner. She was awarded a blue and gold sash and a crystal powder bowl. Barbara Ellingsen came runner-up.

Norma Bradley, an employee in the company's Head Office, was crowned 'Miss Sunshine' the following year. In 1952, Miss Fowler was judged winner of the competition, with Miss Thomson a close second.

During the 1953 picnic, the 'Miss Sunshine' contest was divided into two categories - the Picnic Girl and Beach Girl. Miss Oatway won the title of Picnic Girl, with Miss Wilkinson as runner-up. Miss Ansty was crowned Beach Girl, while Miss Day came second.

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