History of Hampshire House from its construction to its use by the Sunshine Harvester Works for social and sporting events.

Hampshire House was the centre of many social events for employees of the Sunshine Harvester Works. The two-storey building was erected in 1924 on the corner of Devonshire and Hampshire Roads and was originally home to a furniture store and the State Electrical Commission of Victoria. A real estate agency occupies the building today.

From the 1940s, the building hosted many functions for employees. For instance the Arts, Crafts and Hobbies exhibitions showcased employees' artistic talents in different categories such as the 'best and most useful article made from a jam tin as the basic component' and 'best article of knitted wear'. Children of employees were entertained by Christmas parties held for them in the House. Children were kept amused by puppet shows, music and the distribution of sweets. Dinners and dancing classes were also offered to employees and their families, while members of the company's hiking, football and cricket clubs held social gatherings in the building. The table tennis club also held their matches in the building. Furthermore, a library in the House stocked over 400 books and magazines for members of the Social and Welfare Association to borrow. The library was transferred to the ground floor of the company's Head Office in the early 1960s.

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