By A.J. Campbell
December, 1896

The romantic and picturesque locality of the Werribee Gorge was again elected as the site of the annual camp outing of the Working Men's College Photographic Club, Melbourne. Three nights under canvas were spent by nine members and friends of the club while two additional members came up on Prince of Wales' Birthday for the day only. The outing was most enjoyable, the camp being pitched in a more sheltered situation than on the last occasion, while the nights were just cool enough to make blankets pleasant items. When the weather was not favourable (i.e., too windy) for photographing, the time was well employed exploring the rocky reaches of the river, which resulted in the discovery of new picture spots for future use. The more sporting members indulged in rabbit shooting, eel fishing and fox hunting. The 55th birthday of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales was duly honoured in camp. After dark a huge Bon-fire blazed in the open; a musical member played feelingly “God bless the Prince of Wales” on the cornet, and ere the last notes had died away in echoes down the Gorge, a feu-de-joie was fired in the shape of a single string of 500 Chinese crackers. The illustration is a characteristic picture taken about the centre of the Gorge.

This account of a camping trip was published in The Australian Photographic Journal, December 1896

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