Eastman Kodak Company and its subsidiary Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd were generous in providing a range of amenities and benefits for its large workforce. These initiatives stemmed from the paternal management philosophies of George Eastman and Thomas Baker, the founders of Eastman Kodak Company and Kodak Australasia respectively. Both Baker and Eastman were at the forefront of industry standards when it came to staff relations and provisions for workers, and they cultivated a family-like company culture right from the beginnings of their businesses in the late 19th century.

In Australia, Kodak provided medical services, a fitness centre, canteens, a shop, a housing co-operative, a credit union, a superannuation scheme, long service leave awards, and a war-time comfort fund, among other services. They also supported recreation and social clubs, and events such as Christmas parties and balls, for staff and their families.

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