We the people of St. Michael Parish, Rakival (referred to in Lapita writings as Reber-Rakival) and the people of Watom Island are the proud host of the Lapita find on our land.

We acknowledge the contribution of Father Otto Meyer, who alone understood the significance of the findings and whom without his efforts the Lapita link to our island would have never been made known to the world.

We are also intrigued to learn more about what remains unrevealed of our island that may add value to the search of knowledge to serve our future generations and humanity generally in understanding our past. More effort on our part with support from our stakeholders is needed to expose more information about Lapita culture to the new and future generations so that they may value it more than what their past generation may have not appreciated or known of the past.

We look forward to future collaboration with Melbourne Museum, Papua New Guinea Museum, and other hosts of evidence of Lapita Culture in revealing more knowledge about it.

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