Sometimes helpful, often bewildering, the messages Victorians have received during the pandemic have been many and varied.

As stories from China and Italy trickled through, Victorians learned of a virus that modern medicine could not easily protect us from. When cases reached Australia, health and border officials pushed for further awareness, and general health advice became a mantra for us all- wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds and cough into your elbow!

Controversy and confusion surrounded early messages. With declarations of a Victorian State of Emergency, health messaging accelerated to communicate the rules of social distancing and lockdown laws. Press conferences discussed haircuts, bootcamps and who is and is not an essential worker. As circumstances grew more serious, the message was simplified; stay home unless you must leave.

Easing of restrictions brings its own challenges in a community eager to seize life again. Throughout all of this, social media has buzzed with memes and shared stories of fear, boredom, humour and humanity.

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