Inside our large and small manufacturing workplaces, changes have been taking place.

Workers have pivoted and aligned their strengths to meet our most urgent needs - the critical products used by our frontline workers every day. All around Victoria, manufacturers are collaborating and using their expertise and networks to support Victorian communities, and others near and far.

Victoria has a strong, advanced manufacturing and research culture that is responsive, innovative and connected. Some companies were already making essential goods and have ramped up production. Some have adapted their facilities, production lines, and distribution networks to supply key equipment and components to others. Some are making new products or adapting their products to suit new ways of living in these times.

From distilleries making alcohol for sanitiser, to the collaborative design of complex machinery to make medical masks or ventilators, products that may take months to design, test and build are now made at an accelerated rate and increased scale. Workplaces are adapting their focus for this moment, and for what life beyond this pandemic may look like.

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